Gay Catholic School Teacher Fired for Wedding Plans

Okay I’m going to go way out on a limb here, but if Lesbians and gays don’t like being forced to do something, why should we expect others to like it more?

If you work for a religious institution in any capacity, you have to know that they aren’t going to approve of your lifestyle. People may seem “okay” with you being homosexual because it’s not something visible that they are reminded of on a daily basis and they can easily put it out of their minds. Taking it one step further and getting married, though, forces them to recognize something they disagree with.

It would be easier on everyone if LGBT folk didn’t put themselves into a situation where problems like this might arrive. Mr Griffin claims he had no forewarning that he’d be fired, but short of being told, “Hey we’re going to fire you if you get married,” he would be pretty naive to think that his employer would be okay with his marriage.

A gay teacher at a Pennsylvania Catholic school said he was fired after he applied for a marriage license to wed his long-time partner.

Michael Griffin worked at the Holy Ghost Preparatory School for 12 years teaching French and Italian. He said that although administrators, including the principal, knew he was gay, he never had any major conflict with the Catholic administrators until Friday.

Griffin said he was fired on Friday after he had emailed administrators to tell them he was going to file for a marriage license and would be slightly late to work.

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