Nelson Mandela and LGBT

I admit it straight up: I don’t know a lot about Nelson Mandela. I know he was initially a bad guy who became a good guy and someone many people admired and still do. I know he pushed hard for racial in South Africa, but I had no idea he pushed for LGBT rights. Too bad there aren’t more like President Mandela.

WASHINGTON — LGBT leaders in the United States shared their perspective on Nelson Mandela’s contributions, not just to racial equality but also to advancement of LGBT rights, following news of the former South African president’s death Thursday.

The Constitution that was promulgated by Mandela in December 1996 was the world’s first to contain explicit protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

I encourage you to follow this link and read the details of the portion of the Constitution which focuses on discrimination against LGBT people. Unfortunately I couldn’t copy and paste here because it’s an image file.