Hey, it’s the List!

Are you sick of this yet? LOL I’m finding it more and more difficult to think of new things, but I’m trying!! I’m also being lazy this time around and letting you search for the older versions of this post. There are five before this one. 🙂

51. I get motion sick very easily. I can watch a ship bobbing up and down on television and feel queasy.
52. I really enjoy camping even though I haven’t done it in years.
53. I was a Girl Scout and a Boy Scout.
54. I’m addicted to sunflower seeds, but only at work.
55. I’ve never broken a bone in my body.
56. I have experienced the amazing power of morphine.
57. Mudslides are my favourite alcoholic drink.
58. I volunteer every Friday at the local children’s hospital.
59. I hate coffee.
60. I hate shots.