And the list goes on

I’m so sorry. I completely forgot about this list that I was aiming to reach 101 on.

So here I am in the 5th set of 10 things you probably could care less about knowing about the author of this blog. By now it’s a personal goal to see if I can ultimately come up with 101 things. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 (in case you’re dying to know the first 40 things).

41. I was stopped once by a woman I believe to have been a truant officer when I was in middle school.
42. I skipped out of school only once when I was in high school.
43. I once hung up on my 6th grade teacher when she called my house to talk to my mother about my behaviour in class.
44. I believe you’re never too old for cartoons.
45. I am oddly fascinated by the videos on YouTube featuring Kracie and other Japanese candies.
46. I often bite the inside of my bottom lip while eating. I get this “skill” from my father.
47. Although I do not like 20th Century history, I am fascinated by Art Deco.
48. I miss my grandmothers’ cooking. Both of them are deceased and each had things they cooked that I loved to eat.
49. I want to live in a tree house someday. Fortunately so does my girlfriend.
50. I don’t like lemon pie or lemon anything else, except for lemonade and lemon flavoured candy.