Ikea Pulls Lesbian Couple From Russian Edition of Its Magazine

I guess I can understand the point of doing this, but it pains me that people would likely take their insanity out on workers who have nothing to do with the decisions of a corporate entity not based in Russia.

Ikea has set the standard for using gay and lesbian couples in their advertisements and I hope other companies follow.

In June, Russia passed a law prohibiting the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors,” a provision known as the “homosexual propaganda law.” Ikea, which has been a corporate leader in featuring gay couples in its advertising, decided Kirsty and Clara’s family was too risky for Russia.

“We have based the decision on discussions with our own Russian legal team and also taken advice from external Russian legal expertise,” Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson told BuzzFeed.

So Russian Ikea shoppers won’t get to read this feature about how sharing a small space — with help from Ikea furniture, of course — made their family closer.

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