Equal Marriage Passes Crucial Vote In Scotland

Ya know, I thought the Scots already had this in the bag. I was wrong, but they are heading in the right direction!

Scotland is one step closer to equal marriage after it passed a crucial vote in Parliament.

The Marriage And Civil Partnership Bill made it through the first of three hurdles on Wednesday, when members of the Scottish parliament (MSPs) agreed to the proposals in principle by 98 votes to 15, with five abstentions. The development had been widely anticipated, with ministers saying the move was the right thing do. Scotland’s Equality Network had predicted that 98 MSPs were likely to vote in favour of the Bill, 14 to vote against, with 16 undeclared. MSPs were allowed a free vote, rather than along party lines.

The Church Of Scotland and the Catholic Church remain opposed. Religious bodies would have to “opt in” under the proposed legislation, and would not be forced to hold ceremonies. Opponents of the bill argued that such safeguards did not go far enough.

The SNP’s John Mason argued: “Parliament is not reflecting public opinion on this issue. It can be argued whether those supporting or opposing the bill have the greater numbers on their side, but there is certainly not the overwhelming support outside this place that there seems to be inside.”

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