So… the date

Okay so it was a week late and after I’d demanded a “divorce”, but Friday night I went to see a play with my friend T. LOL We listened to Gay Broadway off his phone while driving. Not sure what made it gay other than one of the songs we listened to was from Kinky Boots. The other music was from American Idiot the Musical and Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark  (of all things). I’m still shaking my head at that last bit.

We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish Grill which was lovely and the first time I’d been there. It was nice, but they need to turn up the lights a bit more. As we were leaving, there was an elderly couple standing in one section of the revolving door because it had the brightest light. Couldn’t blame them, really.

After dinner we went to the play. I think it’s something a local playwright must’ve put together, but it was a one act play based on the old 70s and 80s PC game Oregon Trail. It was funny and irreverent and we had a good time.

I look forward to our next “date”. LOL It should be easy to do again in the future because he’s on a committee for a local theatrical awards ceremony and has to see pretty much everything produced during the year. I happened to get an email about the play and it piqued my interest so I asked T if he was going and then got a ticket to join him.