Angel Haze Is Acid-Tongued, Socially Conscious And Doesn’t Give A F–k What You Think

Wow. So much this young woman has gone through and she rises above it all and claims power for herself. Angel Haze should be applauded, and I do, wholeheartedly.

It’s a shame her mother reacted the way she did when Angel came out.

Angel Haze, one of the hottest young women in hip-hop, gives off an aura of casual, effortless cool when she talks, belying the devastating topics she raps about: anorexia and sexual abuse, religious fundamentalism and homophobia. Slumped in an office chair in her record label’s midtown offices recently, the artist peppered her sentences on activism and social awareness with enough swear words to make an agent blush. Her message was simple: Be happy with who you are, and f–k anyone else who tries to tell you otherwise.

Since exploding onto the male-dominated, macho-oriented hip-hop scene last October with her brilliant, excruciating cover of Eminem’s classic “Cleaning Out My Closet,” Haze (whose real name is Raykeea Wilson) quickly proved herself a blazing star in a field of up-and-comers like Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd. That track tackled Haze’s past sexual abuse with a brutal intensity, ultimately claiming victory over her rapists with a lyrical haymaker straight to the gut.

“And now it happened so often that he was getting particular/And I’m more scared every time — my speed and ventricular,” Haze descends into the song with a jackhammer delivery. But by the end of the nearly four-and-a-half-minute song, Haze re-emerges, scarred but triumphant: “I had to cut off the dead, I had to make myself proud/And now I’m just standing living breathing proof look at me now/I made it through everything, I made you look like a clown.”

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