NJ Parents Sue Over Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

Are you f’ing kidding me??? These parents don’t need to be parents anymore. If his parents are successful, I have ZERO hope for the future of this country.

A New Jersey couple is challenging a measure signed into law this past August that prevents licensed therapists from performing gay conversion therapy in the state because they believe their 15-year-old son is gay and needs the controversial treatment.

“[The unnamed teen] has a sincerely held religious belief and conviction that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, and he wanted to address that value conflict because his unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusion are contrary to the fundamental religious values that he holds,” the lawsuit claims.

Gay conversion therapy, or “reparative therapy,” is a practice that attempts to “convert” people who are sexually attracted to the same sex into heterosexuals. The method has been widely regarded by gay rights activists, psychologists, and patients who have undergone conversion therapy as ineffective and, in some cases, harmful. A 2007 report from the American Psychological Association found that the “results of scientifically valid research indicate that it is unlikely that individuals will be able to reduce same-sex attractions or increase other-sex sexual attractions through [sexual orientation change efforts.”

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2 thoughts on “NJ Parents Sue Over Gay Conversion Therapy Ban”

  1. I turn to the blog Sacred Tension on this one. I am not gay so likely shouldn’t comment but honestly this makes me sad for the young man. Nothing wrong with being and behaving gay. Nothing. Nodda! I wish THAT were what his parents were saying.

    1. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. You can comment on anything I post here. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

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