HI House Committees Pass Marriage Equality Bill After Five Days Of Testimony

Looks like we have #16 in the works! 😀

As for the police officer Tenari Maafala stating that someone would have to kill him to enforce the law, I say your services are no longer needed. Your religious conviction allows you to end a life in the line of duty, but not allow people the same rights as you? I can see how that works in your narrow little world.

HONOLULU — After more than 55 hours of testimony, the joint House committees voted Tuesday to pass Hawaii’s marriage equality bill, Senate Bill 1. The House Judiciary Committee and Finance Committee voted 18 to 12. The bill now goes to the full House for a final vote.

The vote comes during a special session called by Gov. Abercrombie for Hawaii’s marriage equality bill, and after a Senate hearing by the Committee of Judiciary and Labor and a full Senate vote to send the bill to the House.

Before they voted, the House committees amended Senate Bill 1 to broaden a religious exemption that allows religious leaders to refuse service for same-sex marriage ceremonies and moved the effective date from Nov. 18 to Dec. 2.

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