Gay Sci-Fi Nerd ponders what to make of Ender’s Game

I found this article to be very interesting. Clearly he’s not going to take the extreme measures I would take. Since the author made the comparison between Card and Rowling, I’ll stick with it since I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. If I found out that Ms Rowling was as hardcore against something that means a lot to me, I would dump everything I own related to the franchise in a heartbeat. I couldn’t handle owning anything to do with someone who hates me without knowing me simply because of who shares my life as a partner.

Searching for other LGBT sci-fi nerds willing to talk about how you feel about ‘Ender’s Game’.

I find myself in a bit of a pop culture dilemma this week.

When I was 15 or so, I read Orson Scott Card’s science fiction masterwork, Ender’s Game. As a sci-fi geek from way back, I was predisposed to love the story of a young boy on a future Earth, recruited by the military to learn how to fight a looming alien invasion. The story was simple and elegant, the writing crisp and vivid, and the book rocked my socks.

I read it several times. The last time was only a few years ago. I’m 43 now.

Last fall, I read a press release announcing that Hollywood was finally making an Ender’s Game movie. I proceeded to have an immediate nerdgasm.

But shortly after the movie announcement was released to the far corners of the Internet, I started seeing more news stories, unexpected ones, about Card himself, and the fact that he’s widely reputed to be a major bigot. More specifically: a big-time homophobe.

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