A Lesbian and a gay guy go out on a date…

Last night I went to a friend’s Halloween party. I’ve gone the last few years and it’s always a blast. My friend Troy, who happens to be gay, was there and at one point in the evening, we were talking about the day a month or so back when I joined he and his mom and another friend of hers for lunch and a local production of ’42nd Street’. Troy said his mom thought I was adorable and kind of hinted that we should date. Lol Apparently, even after 51 years, she’s still got hope he won’t be gay. After he and I helped a handicapped guest to her car, I slid my arm around his and said, “I don’t mind if we go on a date, but you should know I have a girlfriend.” He said he didn’t have a boyfriend, that he’d died (which I knew, sadly). I assured him his mom’s scheming wouldn’t work.

We have a “date” next Friday. Lol