More About Me Than You Want to Know

And so the list continues. If you’re just finding this post and haven’t read through the others, you can find them here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

31. I am fiercely, fiercely loyal and protective.
32. I am a deep thinker, sometimes to my detriment.
33. I loathe “reality” television and believe it to be a cop-out on the part of Hollywood.
34. Though I have made mistakes in friendships, I still “go with my gut” about people.
35. I have a heart problem.
36. I love history, but don’t necessarily believe we can learn from it because we are creatures of habit.
37. I enjoy a wide variety of music from Linkin Park to Prokofiev.
38. I’m terrible at knowing who sings the music I enjoy. If you ever ask me who sings a song, you’re more than likely going to get, “I dunno,” as a response. 😉
39. If I could learn any other language in the world, it’d be Welsh.
40. I want to live in Scotland someday.