Hawaii lawmakers question benefits of gay marriage

To be honest, I thought Hawaii would be among the last to even think about gay marriage because Mormonism is so dominant there and they were the driving force behind Proposition 8 in California. It would be fabulous if it did succeed there because who wouldn’t love to have a Hawaiian wedding?

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii’s battle over gay marriage brought state lawmakers back to work Monday after the governor called a special session that could make the islands a wedding destination for more couples.

Some 1,800 people signed up to testify in person at a Senate committee hearing, which was carried live on TV and local news websites. Dozens of people gathered around three televisions in the Capitol rotunda, cheering testimony they agreed with and singing songs.

Opponents of gay marriage solicited honks and shaka signs from passing motorists on the street, staging a large rally of hundreds of people timed with afternoon rush hour.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill nearly 12 hours after testimony began, sending the bill to a floor vote expected on Tuesday.

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