Brazil Crowns Transgender Beauty Queen in Daring New “Miss T” Contest

Bravo to Brazil for this ground breaking move!! The winner is a very lovely young woman.

Tall and tan, young and striking, Raika Ferraz is not the girl from Ipanema. But she has just been crowned queen of Brazil’s newest and most daring beauty contest.

Besting 27 other transgender and transvestite contenders from 11 Brazilian states, the 21-year-old model and escort from São Paulo paraded in a bikini and then in an evening gown to win the second annual Miss T competition before an emotional crowd at the Teatro João Caetano, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most traditional stages.

With a smile as big as Brazil, that not even a mouth full of corrective braces could spoil, Ferraz was overcome with emotion as she took her bows and swore to uphold the honor of the transgender community.

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