NJ Gay Marriage: Judge Refuses To Delay

Okay maybe I’m missing something here. Didn’t the people of New Jersey vote on and approve gay marriage? If so, it is clear to me that the People have spoken and that should be that. Of course, like anything in this country, the losers can’t just let things lie. They have to keep trying and trying to get things to go their way. *sigh*

If I’m missing something, please correct me.

TRENTON, N.J. — TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey judge has denied a request from Gov. Chris Christie’s administration to delay the start of gay marriage in the state until after a legal appeal is final.

The ruling Thursday from Judge Mary Jacobson moves the state a step closer to start recognizing same-sex nuptials on Oct. 21. That’s the day Jacobson had said in a previous ruling that the marriages had to be allowed.

But Christie’s administration is expected to appeal the denial to a higher court.

The administration has already asked the state Supreme Court to reverse Jacobson’s earlier ruling that the state has to allow gay couples to get married.

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