More Celebs

After reading a wonderful article about a woman whose son came out straight (read the article and you’ll understand), I started skimming the photos at the end of the article of celebs who have come out as lesbian/gay (cuz you know that has everything in the world to do with this mother’s personal story). Some I had no idea. I’ve apparently missed the boat a few times.

Gillian Anderson is bisexual (I always thought she was hawt in The X-Files and she’s the reason I kept watching)

Raven-Symone (to be fair she only came out a month ago)

Matt Bomer (actor on “White Collar”)

Anne Burrell (I was also surprised to learn a while back that Cat Cora is a lesbian too… but I just want my hair to look like Anne’s only not so blonde)

Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”)

Cynthia Nixon (really missed the memo on her cuz she came out way back in 2004… but maybe I did know and forgot)

Ezra Miller (though to be fair I’ve not really heard of him much beyond “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”)

Sean Maher

Suze Ormand

So there were a total of 57 in the slide show, but the ones not listed I already knew were lesbian/gay or I have no clue who they are.