Support Unilever Products!

After reading this article, I’m going to support Unilever products whenever and wherever I can. I’m glad they put a stop to this ridiculously homophobic advert.

Anglo-Dutch firm Unilever says it has ordered the withdrawal of a Flora margarine advertisement in South Africa that has been condemned as homophobic, the BBC reported.

The advert features a bullet with the words “Uhh dad I’m gay” flying towards a heart made of china.

The advert, on a pink background, includes the tagline “You need a strong heart today” near the Flora logo.

Flora, owned by Unilever, has long promoted its margarine as helping consumers maintain a healthy heart.

“This advert was prepared by an external agency in South Africa and was not approved by anyone at Unilever,” the company said on its Twitter feed.

“The advert is offensive and unacceptable and we have put an immediate stop to it.”

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