Nickelodeon Star Comes Out as Gay

Okay I know no one really is surprised by this. And we also won’t be surprised if there’s a Conservative group that decides to boycott Nickelodeon for having a gay star on children’s television. I mean after all, he’s trying to brainwash our kids into being gay, right?

I have to admit, though, that “Fred” was a stupid idea. Surely he can find something better…?

“Fred” is out of the closet.

Lucas Cruikshank, 19, one of the biggest original YouTube stars of all time, told the world he was gay in a video he posted Tuesday to — wait for it — YouTube.

The young actor from Nebraska, who rose to fame as the star of his own online series “Fred,” posted a video of himself in bed alongside his good friend Jennifer Veal (of Disney Channel’s “Jessie”), in which he shared with the world that he’s attracted to the same sex.

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