Transgender Girl Wins Right to Use Bathroom at Public School

I admit that anything to do with transgender individuals is beyond my comprehension. If a transgendered person – be it child, teen or adult – looks like the gender with which they identify, I don’t understand what any harassment is based upon. Take this child for instance. Looking at the photos of her, I would not assume that she was born with a penis and would therefore take her into the ladies’ room while out shopping. The only way I can imagine that she would be discovered by strangers is if she walked into a toilet stall and stood to pee into the toilet rather than sitting like a little girl. Otherwise, I don’t know how anyone would know. I imagine, though, that it’s more difficult if you’re born with a vagina yet identify as a male. Typically, men’s toilets have 2 stalls at the most for men to use and I imagine a man going into a stall to pee would definitely be noticed.

If I’m being overly ignorant about this, please enlighten me.

In a decision being hailed as monumental in the struggle for transgender rights, the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled Monday that a 6-year-old transgender girl, Coy Mathis, must be permitted to use the girls’ bathroom in her school.

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