Another one I missed

Well I suppose when you don’t make a point to follow Hollywood news, then you don’t know the ins and outs of celebrity personal lives. That’s just never been appealing to me, but it is to my mother and her mother before her. At any rate, I had no idea that Jane Lynch is a Lesbian. It just never occurred to me to wonder about her personal life. So I was a bit surprised to learn yesterday that she’s divorcing her wife of only four years. It’s sad news, naturally, but I know that just like straight folk, gays and lesbians fall in and out of love. I just hate it when kid are involved and a bond formed between the new mom and one or more kids. I went through that with my first girl friend and it was heartbreaking. I mean it’s one thing that she left me, but I’d just gotten a handle on the idea that maybe I would’ve actually been a good mom when the chance was taken away. I hope the two women are able to remain amicable.