Gay Teens Voted Cutest Couple in High School Yearbook: Win!

This is so cute!! And they definitely deserve the win, because they are cute! LOL Also, I like that there wasn’t an additional tag like Cutest Gay Couple. They were voted Cutest Couple. Period.

Click on the link below to see their pic. 🙂

After all of the recent stories about yearbook bullying, this stands out like a ray of light: Two gay teens have been voted the cutest couple at a New York high school.

That’s Cutest Couple. Not “cutest gay couple” or “cutest same-sex couple.”

Carmel High School student Chelsea Blaney posted a snapshot of the yearbook photo featuring her friends, Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan, online late last week.

“Two of my best friends won Cutest Couple of our senior class,” she wrote on Tumblr. “First time in my school history a same sex couple has even been able to run for this category, not to mention winning it. So proud of them, and my school.”

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